RT-130 Annual Fireline Refresher Training with Pack Test       $100.00

    3/26/2021                                            Bozeman, MT   

    4/09/2021                                     Montana City, MT

    4/16/2021                                            Bozeman, MT   

    5/07/2021                                     Montana City, MT

    5/17/2021                                            Bozeman, MT

    6/04/2021                                     Montana City, MT

    6/11/2021                                               Billings, MT

    6/18/2021                                     Montana City, MT

    7/09/2021                                     Montana City, MT


I-100, L-180, S-130, S-190 Basic Wildland with Pack Test FFT-2       $300.00

    3/22,23,24,25/2021                            Bozeman, MT

    4/5,6,7,8/2021                              Montana City, MT

    4/12,13,14,15/2021                            Bozeman, MT   

    5/3,4,5,6/2021                              Montana City, MT

    5/18,19,20,21/2021                            Bozeman, MT   

    5/31 and 6/1,2,3/2021                Montana City, MT

    6/7,8,9,10/2021                                      Billings, MT

S-131, S-133 Fire Fighter 1 FFT-1       $125.00

    5/14/2021                                    Montana City, MT

S-230, S-231, S-290 Engine Boss/Crew Boss       $300.00

    TBA                                                Montana City, MT

S-211 Portable Pump and Water Use       $300.00

    TBA                                               Montana City, MT

S-212 Chain Saw       $350.00

    TBA                                               Montana City, MT

S-215 Fire Operations In The Wild land/Urban Interface      $350.00       

    TBA                                               Montana City, MT

Montana City Office is located at 1195 Hwy 282 Montana City, Mt 59634

Windswept will travel to conduct training classes, contact us for more information.

Payment is required at registration. Checks should be made payable to Windswept Wildfire, LLC.


Complete the attached registration form, return with payment to confirm your spot in the class.


Have A Safe Fire Season!



Windswept Wildfire is a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) certified MOU training provider NWCG training curriculum.  In conjunction with NWCG, Windswept Wildfire adheres to the "Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide" PMS 310-1