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Some people run from danger...  we run towards it.

 Windswept Wildfire has been battling wildfires since 2004. Our fleet consists of multiple Type 6 wild land engines specifically designed to assist in fighting wildfires by transporting firefighters to the scene and providing them with access to the fire, along with water and other essential equipment.  With over 60 years of combined experience, our crews are trained and prepared to battle any wild land fire situation. While being nationally dispatched, we have attacked wildfires in more than 14 states.


Since 2008 Windswept Wildfire has provided training following  NWCG guidelines. Classes provided each spring include: Basic, Annual Refresher, S-131/S-133 FFT1 Squad Boss, S-230/S-231 CRWB/ENGB Crew Boss/Engine Boss, S-211 Portable Pumps, S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws, S-215 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface and S-219 Ignition Operations to name a few. If you have a large group that needs training we can come to you. Just send us an email on the CONTACT US page.

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