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About Windswept Wildfire LLC

          Windswept Wildfire, LLC  is a professional forestry service company located in beautiful Southwest Montana. Established in 2004, Windswept began its operations in the historic town of Three Forks, and quickly began to grow.  In 2009, our operations expanded, and to better accommodate our customers, we opened a field office in the capital of Montana, Helena.  With our business continuing to flourish, in 2014 Windswept relocated our field office to Montana City, Montana, to a larger facility, so once again, we could better accommodate our growing customer base.

          Today, Windswept is a nationally recognized forestry company not only being dispatched with the federal Government but also contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA.  Whether we are in the big sky state of Montana or traveling across its borders into the rest of the nation, Windswept is leading the way in an array of forestry services.

          Not only do we continue to be on the forefront of the latest education, machinery, and techniques, we hold classes throughout the year teaching the next generations of forestry services.  We understand that our forests aren’t always changed on what we do today, but rather, what is done tomorrow.  Windswept is dedicated to make sure that the future of our forest is protected for years to come. 

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